George Tchetvertakov

George began his financial career in 2004, obtaining invaluable trading and analyst experience in financial derivatives amidst the most challenging trading conditions in history caused by the Global Financial Crisis (GFC).

George has contributed articles and editorial opinion pieces to over a dozen print and online publications around the world – covering a variety of topics including fundamentals, technical analysis, geopolitics, trading and economics. 

His understanding of the financial arena and insightful market commentary in recent years has helped thousands of investors attain an edge in today's seemingly unpredictable and highly volatile markets.

In 2011 and 2012, George spoke at length at various lectures, seminars and in his regular market commentary about the dangers of excessive risk-taking in currency markets. He forewarned leading FX industry participants – including the company he was working for at the time (Alpari UK) – of the dangers posed by central banks conducting artificial currency interventions. 

His analysis and concerns were overlooked while the vulnerabilities he identified were not remedied -- thereby leading to the infamous "Black Swan" event on 15 January 2015 that led to the collapse of Alpari UK and several other retail brokers.

Over the past decade, George has achieved a proven track record of raising company exposure and valuations, while obtaining significant experience in Investor & Public Relations and producing insightful content about Australian, Canadian, British and US-listed companies.

George’s approach to market analysis stems from his apt scepticism of market consensus that fails to acknowledge or question the dysfunctional and illusory dynamics of modern financial markets.

George sees issues such as fractional reserve banking, market manipulation, regulatory failure, market collusion and centralisation in most industries as crucial to understanding the interconnected holistic nature of the financial arena, and, society as a whole.

He's been described as a "didactic dazzler scribing pro bona fide in the wild" following his nexus of astonishing revelations on a broad range of subjects spanning both the physical and metaphysical realms; including economics, politics, literature, history, current affairs, philosophy, epistemology, psychology, occulted knowledge of Natural Law, synchrony and morality.

TraderSphere Blog

Insightful analysis of socio-economic and existential issues ensnaring society.

The TraderSphere Blog showcases content contributed by George Tchetvertakov to various companies and publications since 2004. Content includes editorial articles, research reports, videos, presentations, educational articles, poetry and creative writing focusing on socio-economics, geopolitical events and financial markets.

Given the incredible events currently ongoing, across all sectors, geographies and societies, specific focus is on the dysfunctional nature of the so-called ‘system’ operating in full view but largely misunderstood by most market participants.

Well informed decisions can only be made with an objective sight of reality as opposed to a solipsistic and relativist view ensnared in illusion.

Contact via email: gt@tradersphere.com