September 23, 2017

The Meaning of Love

Hardly asked, often wondered, now answered in verse.

On a fine summer day
In two opposing directions, two people did walk
Two long journeys, fatigued that they were
A boy and a girl, one going east, one going west
Meeting was easy, keeping balance was tough
Lonely and hungry, days weeks months, now it was years
Was it luck both were so lonely? Or was it Free Will?

Both looking for something and someone
They both thought it was Love at first sight
The boy spoke first, it's tradition of course
The girl answered, they laughed, they both blushed
'I don't know what I'm thinking or feeling...
...but to action I'm swayed', said the boy
'My thoughts are a mess, and my actions are reckless...
...but I feel like I've known you for years', she replied
Could it be Love? they both pondered, smiling and smitten
Or maybe it's only just lust, they conferred…

'What is Love an what does it mean?', the boy finally asked
The girl wondered and answered as best as she could...
'Love is a state, not a verb
A portal for subjective perception to become absolute
In other words, so you understand:
It's what you miss, what you made
What you gave, why you stayed
What you saw, what you did
How you tried, why you cared
What you thought, what you felt
What was right, what was wrong
What you did, who you hurt
Which mistake, what came next
What you thought when you looked
How you felt when you saw
What you did, ask did not
How you cared, not complained
How for all, all for One
When doors are opened, not closed
When fear shrinks to the size of an atom
That's when Love blossoms most
When truths are accepted, not feared
When lies are discovered and burnt
When possession is discarded at Will
When self and ego find peace
And when balance is reached
Thus Love is defined', said the girl.

‘Love is a Godsend, sent from above
An eternal function of Natural Law’, thought the boy
The girl knew it already, no need to reply
‘So, how do you feel and what shall we do?’ asked the girl
Mind made up, thoughts and emotions in balance
Right action now sought,
‘Let us unite and go North’, they agreed.

Written by George Tchetvertakov