November 14, 2018

The Analemma of Life

If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

What am I to do with myself?
What have we done to ourselves?
No one admits it and no one can say
From the peak to a trough
Thus, we have fallen
What is wrong was accepted
What was right was forgotten.

And so it shall be
My own bubble is valued
With nothing to stand for
Falling for anything happens
Success made a failure
Delusions made real,
We have wasted our chance
A destruction of freedom
Pure evil holds sway
Innocents turned towards guilt
The meek made depraved.

Accumulate and consume
What is the solution?
Listen up and you’ll hear it
If you look, you will see
Atoning for sins means being at one
To hell with the rest
That’s the temptation
So be mindful with care.

What is mine is my own
Righting wrongs that were made
Walking the path set before me
Loving, respecting with grace,
The challenge before me is daunting
Finding solace is harsh,
To hell with respect
Yet again more temptation
Righting the world begins with raising yourself
Changing your mind against the greatest of odds
It all comes down to perception
There is truth and there are batches of lies
Hope is always within us
It will never die.

(now read backwards)

Written by George Tchetvertakov