31 January 2019

Facebook launches divisive unification strategy

The world's largest social media titan executes a divisive strategy to stand out from the crowd.

17 October 2018

6 October 2018

Oil prices hit 4-year high on geopolitical uncertainty

Crude oil prices are peaking again with geopolitical uncertainty at the epicentre of future expectations.

24 September 2018

My story

Fate always beckons and Destiny calls, we each have a story that needs to be told.

20 August 2018

Blockchain technology to be unleashed in Australian stock market

As blockchain technology delivers all-encompassing efficiency and transparency, major stock indices are taking notice.

4 August 2018

25 July 2018

16 June 2018

Not so fast

The use of cobalt in lithium-ion batteries could be discharging to a premature end.

8 June 2018

Elitist schmoozefest

Elitist globalist figureheads roll into Turin, to help usher in a "post-truth" world.

17 April 2018

The world’s biggest IPO feels the pressure of expectation

The oil market is buzzing with speculation — and for once, it has nothing to do with oil prices.

28 March 2018

Brexit conundrum

Two years ago, the UK voted to leave the EU. Today, politicians are still wondering whether its reasonable to do so.