June 5, 2016

Insurrection of The Living Dead

They look but cannot see; they listen but cannot hear; they talk but cannot speak.

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, 
it will direct your life, 
and you will call it fate." 

C.G. Jung

— 1 —

Be it old, or new,
Pick a world-view that suits You;
Fret not that nothing makes sense,
Ignore and forget to your mind's full content.

Knowledge is power,
Information is King;
With these tools Understanding soon blossoms,
But to generate Wisdom, 
Great Work must begin.

Every Captain cares for his vessel 
when a lighthouse is missed,
Run aground, teetering yonder with dread;
Will you care for your vessel, 
if you lose sight of your beacon?
Are you braced, 
for where your ship is now head?

Whence Consequence finds port 
With You on the bridge, at the helm,
Breached vassal sinking,
Will you be buoyed by the Truth?
Able to swim, 
keeping your head above water?
Or will you flounder and drown?
Transfixed upon sorcery, clutching renown.

When staying afloat,
Folly only adds weight, which means no ascent;
Without light means you're too heavy,
You have failed to prepare
So prepare to descend.

Needs and wants, Rights and wrongs;
What’s the difference?
With objectivity blurred polarity weakens,
They eventually merge and unite;
After a while, wants become needs,
Wrong feels like Right,
To hell with good reason;
How do you plead?

When good intentions cause harm
The same karma–sequences follow,
If you believe it, or not,
Whether you like to admit it, 
Yea or nay,
Still you won't hear it,
Deny it you'll try.

Zombies are forged through worshipping Self,
With a most strange talent to witness,
An uncanny talent to conquer death's clutches
By playing dead all the time,
Leaving Grim Reaper with no scythe to grind.

They gather in numbers,
Leveraging the herd for their strength,
All for the Ego, that most precious;
Satanism hides in plain sight 
When its true nature is witnessed,
When its core roots are unearthed.

It begins with relative morals
And ends with the harming of Life;
Habitual in its mode and persistence,
All around us in all walks of life,
Just look around, eyes open this time.

Who knows?  
Maybe one day,
You Will embark on a true epic voyage
A quest of a lifetime,
Just like a Captain,
In search of a house teeming with light.

Paying attention where it actually matters,
Hearing true calling,
Walking the path that was meant to be trodden,
Ignoring the trivial show-reel dubbed entertainment,
This is simply entrainment
To train and to bind souls to culture,
It's all in the words, pay attention;
Cultures are cults to enslave.

If you do open your eyes,
This time for real, no excuses;
Your-story begins,
His-story has already ended.

But that doesn’t mean it’s The End,
Or there aren’t any answers,
It is just the beginning;
First things are first,
Know your Rights from your wrongs.

Use the way Nature shows you,
And the answers shall flow like a river,
You’re in one too,
As above, so below.

— 2 —

Real eyes a world
Where not just women give birth,
Ships do too;
There’s the Law of the Land
And also the Law of the Water;
By Land you are born
Under Water you're sentenced.

Stock is delivered by an Informant,
Its value assessed and accounted;
Whether it’s preferential or common
Is for the Master to rule.

Ships are women, not men, for good reason;
All vassals break water,
After sailing a long while
Each cargo is destined a docktor;
Priorities clear,
Deliver the Stock,
Berth certificate issued,
Then to the stock market for sale.

Real eyes a world
Where money is m(one)(eye)
Given to banks in submission;
Minds bent
Bodies broken
Souls never found.

In rivers, the Currentcy flows between banks;
Rivers of cashflow buoying all vessels,
For vassals liquidity matters,
If you have none,
You’re under water and bankrupt.

Real eyes a world
Where Human Life is just Stock,
Owned by Corporations;
When a Human Life passes
Its label changes to corpse.

Spellings are used to cast spells,
Slaying the living,
Enchanting the senses and enticing submission,
Manifesting a new breed of human;
Alive trapped by blindness
Dead but still living,
Thee Living Dead.

Blissful ignorance 
What an enchanting fab duo,
The root of all evil,
Those that partake wallow in perpetual dis-ease.

Blaming all but their own self-naïveté;
Acting the same actions,
With no thought of root cause, 
or the Æther,
Emotions burnt and destroyed
But expecting a different result.

Good intentions are theories,
Right actions are much harder to heed;
The road to hell is paved with intent of a good nature,
Evil happens to be a human condition,
Dwelling solely in the minds of the weak.

— 3 —

So to sum it all up,
My dear Brothers and Sisters,
Stay alert when traversing Ignorance Isle,
Mind your wits and keep truth in mind,
One fine day an idea may strike you;
Enough with the lies,
Time for the truth to come out.

Which path have You chosen?
And which version of Life has Your Ego ordained?
Whichever side of your helm takes your lean,
Your vessel's ballast must balance,
Keel at the even,
Metaphors may do the trick.

At this very moment,
You bear a gift for marrow and Love,
Will You heed the prescription blessed from Above?
 Can you now embrace Will?
Or will you do what thou wilt?

Like love-struck damsels seeking their prince,
So too every question has a One, and an Only,
An Answer,
A meant-to-be partner in Life,
To hold and to treasure
Finally conjoined and united,
Even upon death they'd rather not part.

There can only be one true Answer 
for every question you fathom;
Any answer to find first needs a question,
That means playing cupid, not stupid;
Don’t ruin the moment by interfering with Love.

Help couples prosper,
Pose questions and seek out their match,
When they tie the knot, 
Make sure you visit the wedding,
Be the honoured best Man,
You will finally see the scale of our plight.

Many more questions,
Must be married to their one rightful answer,
And imagine the children they'll have,
All yours to look after, 
with more questions en-route,
Oh so many,
Good news you’re rewarded for progress,
Not the result.

The toughest part is beginning,
Finding the strength to let Go,
A question of thirst,
Time waits for You,
Your Life changes for ever, and,
The World will never be the same again.

Written by
George Tchetvertakov