12 December 2011

FX Weekly: 12th December 2011

  • FX space largely unchanged last week as all currency pairs posted ±1% change against other G20 counterparts
  • Gold prices were a shade lower, meeting strong support around $1670 per troy ounce
  • Short-term, traders remain sceptical as to whether we have seen enough to reverse the crisis of confidence in the Euro-zone. Chances of an IMF program for either/both Italy and Spain has increased with news of an additional €200bn IMF fund
  • Domestic demand is slowing in China as well as globally – prime data out this week could be the most market moving FX theme in the absence of revelations in Europe

15 November 2011

Psychology of FX Trading

Webinar held for Alpari (UK) clients in November 2011 discussing the importance of Psychology in Trading.

12 November 2011

Economic Games in Political Circles

With the largest financial crisis in living memory behind us, a larger, more pervasive crisis is setting in as governments continue to privatise public gains and nationalise private losses.

Across the globe, public capital and sovereign debt have been used to digest trillions of housing and banking related bad debt... but with what consequences?

Is the economic recovery story still valid? If so, is the sheer scale of debt accrued in the developed world digestible?

9 April 2011

Resistance is Futile

As nations compete for export-led growth, central banks are facing increasing criticism for manipulating their domestic currencies. The rationale behind currency manipulation makes sense, but in an increasingly globalised world is competitive currency devaluation viable?

8 April 2011

FX: The Ultimate Trading Indicator

As financial markets stutter forward amidst growing private and national debt, traditional currencies are in danger of suffering a confidence crisis, but equally, given their dynamics, can be a leading indicator for all asset classes.