January 7, 2018

The Swelling of the Feminazi

A ghastly subspecies of humanity continues to swell beyond all proportions.

It really is a beautiful world. Alas, for some it isn’t. 

Irrespective of the exquisite beauty surrounding us, there are some rather unsightly individuals mooching around in this world of ours. Rather ghastly in fact.

I am of course referring to a subspecies of humanity otherwise known as ‘femineus foedus-fuscus’ in binomial terms, or the ‘Feminazi’ in layman’s terms.
Triple-A Feminazi specimen out on patrol in its artificially-conditioned natural habitat // Photo: Jack Goff
Some readers may not be aware of the term ‘Feminazi’, given its relatively recent introduction to the English lexicon. 

Fret not dear reader, rest assured that TraderSphere.com is the ideal medium through which to shine a ray of light upon the murky subject of Feminazism — a pervasive and poisoned ideology that’s sadly holding a growing number of females hostage in a vice of ignorance.

Introducing the Feminazi

After hasty debate amongst distinguished scholars, a broad consensus has been reached as to the origins of the Feminazi nomenclature, and why it was first derived...

According to Professor Spike Grossweiner, Founder of ‘Pap de Feminazi’, an online crowd-funded community for Feminazi survivors, “the term ‘Feminazi’ first began being used in the 1990's although it was first conceived soon after its secondary root word (‘Nazi) was first coined in the 1930’s by Adolf Hitler and his band of henchmen. 
According to the dictionary definition, combining a ‘Nazi’ with a ‘Feminist’ creates a ‘Feminazi’

As far as henchwomen go, “all henchwomen are considered insufficiently feminine and therefore too muscly to be attractive,” insists Grossweiner. 
Professor Spike Grossweiner, born a man and Founder of Pap de Feminazi.
The primary root word of Feminazi — ‘feminine’ — has been used since the dawn of Man, and is “known by knowledgeable folks to represent one half of perfection, as an aspect of all living things. In human beings, it is expressed as the Principle of Gender, with the diametrically-conjoined other half being expressed by the word ‘masculine’,” explains Grossweiner. 

"Or, let’s take this to a cosmic level and look at the Sun and Moon. Everybody knows that the Sun represents masculinity while the Moon represents femininity; but for Feminazi’s the world’s been turned upside down by their daddies, their lives have gone haywire and pear-shaped all at the same time. In the eyes of a Feminazi, the Sun represents tanning which causes skin cancer, while the Moon represents lunatic men who are like cancer in society. They’ve got it all backwards, so is it any wonder most of 'em resort to eating butter with a spoon and call it dieting, as their immune systems pull the rug out from under them? It’s horrible,” groans Grossweiner.

Gender is binary: you’re either male or female. Life is also binary: you’re either masculine or feminine. Truth is likewise binary: you’re either right or wrong.
According to Dr Droolius Sneezer, an inspirational healer and role-model for families trying to avoid the pitfalls of gender misidentification, based in San Francisco, “the Natural world we know and love isn’t compatible with the Feminazi perspective. I mean take reality for example — you simply cannot dry out wet fabric by applying more moisture to it, despite the desperate hope for things like that to be possible. Reality is real, illusions aren’t.”

“That’s the sick mind of the Feminazi at its worst — they think they will achieve equality through inequality and discover order by causing chaos,” groans Sneezer.
Dr Droolius Sneezer, waiting for his woman to serve him or for some paid work to show up...
“I’ve always been a supporter of women fulfilling their rightful roles in society, and I think most women are balanced enough to find a warm part of the pavement for themselves. But not so when it comes to Feminazis,” says Sneezer.

“My research shows Feminazis have a root problem with the world being black and white in most respects. All things adhere to objective rules and laws that are immutable — but Feminazis just don’t wanna see it that way. That's not the truth they were looking for and their feelings aren’t happy about it.”

"It’s this kind of disgusting moral relativism which makes them dang—er—ah—ah—ruuus…” yelps Sneezer, miserably failing to repress an impromptu mid-sentence sneeze.

Academia to the rescue

According to academics, Feminazis are radical feminists who seek superiority over men, rather than equality. 
In other words, Feminazis would prefer women to dominate and a matriarchy to rule (presumably just as inefficiently as the currently inept patriarchal version). Women transitioning into feminism and then onto Feminazism, therefore, encounter progressively more difficulties distinguishing relativity from objectivity, idealism and realism, sense from nonsense or truth from lies.

Males seen disagreeing with Feminazis (or just merely conversing with one) are considered a caveman, insensitive, chauvinist, backward, misogynist, and pretty much any other baseless personal insult they emotionally choose, especially when justly critiqued. 

Feminazis lurk with phoney intent and limited concern for other people, especially men. Modern anthropological studies postulate that this behaviour stems from what’s known as “deep-rooted daddy issues”, although other contributory factors are known to include fatty diets, excessive consumption of artificial compounds and a lack of physical or mental stimulation since childhood. Once matured, the Feminazi exhibits an infatuation with procrastination, TV-series cravings, trivial ravings and an addiction to cat memes.

The insatiable attraction Feminazis have for the feline species means the average Feminazi is irresistibly drawn to cat GIF’s, dank memes and fingering their furry pussycats when no one is looking.
Given the exponential rate of Feminazi multiplication in neo-modern society, take note of the following tell-tale signs to assist you in detecting Feminazi’s as they crawl out of the woodwork to inflict damage upon nearby civilians:
  • If you notice a silly female or one that’s behaving in a strangely ditsy, foolish, naïve, ignorant or dense manner — it could be a normal woman, a run-of-the-mill feminist, or a Feminazi in training.
  • If you notice a woman parroting on about fair income brackets, it's probably just a feminist. 
  • If a feminist is constantly surrounded by "beta-cucks", it's an early sign of onsetting Feminazism.
  • If you see a woman identifying 'mandatory gender-equality on company Boards' as the most pressing issue in Microeconomics — it is a trainee Feminazi, bank on it.
  • If you notice a militant feminist behaving with impunity and disregard for Truth (or sense) — it is a fully-blown deprecating Feminazi in action.
  • If you notice a woman wearing shoes like these…

Typical Feminazi-esque clammy stems and shoe preference
  • If you notice a woman between the ages of 30 and 35, in a dead-end relationship, single or without children — it is most likely a feminist in the final stages of gestation before metamorphosing into a Feminazi at 35-40. 
  • By far the vast majority of Feminazis are 40+, although the younger variety can often be far more destructive, in contrast to wrinklier varieties. This is largely down to the fact that vagina desirability plummets like a small-but-heavy-stone northwards of 40, which tends to dissipate a Feminazi’s most reliable tool and/or weapon — her pussycat. 
  • As far as prowling goes, Feminazi pussycats tend to be fed on an irregular basis and can often be seen drifting around town whenever a mood strikes. They shit everywhere and bury their litter at all costs.
  • If you hear a woman saying, “my partner” when referencing a suspiciously-mysterious fuck-buddy (whilst attracting puzzled looks and meerkat-like erectile body-posture from those in earshot) — it’s probably just a lesbian but with potential to erupt into a Feminazi later in life. 
  • If a person resembling a woman, (in other words, a human being with grossly contradictory physiology) is feigning joyful reciprocity or craving it from others — it is an early-warning sign of ‘femineus foedus-fuscus’ approaching.
In a nutshell, if you notice a woman creating unjustified systems of power over men and women under a false-flag of equality masquerading as hypocrisy; you are privy to the fully-fledged manifestation of the Feminazi — a ghastly sight indeed.

The Fat Lady always sings

The swelling of the Feminazi is something that has amused swathes of men and women alike, although this typically requires a sense of humour, a sense of humility and the understanding that truth is more important than biased whims and desires. 

Considering that it's precisely these traits which the Feminazi lacks, it likely means the Feminazi shall remain hopelessly trapped until her solipsistic me-me-me thought-bubble stops inflating and bursts. 

Written by George Tchetvertakov