June 22, 2022

Calling All Naysayers

When the going gets tough, the weak just follow.

With mainstream news finally catching up to the elephant-sized 8-ball by realising the COVID delusion is precisely that; this post is a call to action!!

The collage of recent news stories refers to just some of the conclusions I came to 2 years ago but was heckled and mocked on social media for doing so.
Around that time (in early 2020), I was on record saying that COVID could very likely be a disease affecting only the elderly with a low fatality rate comparable to the flu -- for which I was labelled as a paranoid cynic and a crazy conspiracy theorist. The insolent cheek!

I'm referring to those who chose to listen to the beautiful lies on TV instead of the ugly truth from the handful of individuals who cared enough to tell them. Those who chose to believe their duplicitous government-approved authorities rather than well-informed insubordinate rebels. Those who chose to follow the crowd instead of sound logic and intuition.

Many of those people have now realised just how erroneous they were, and yet, I have yet to receive any words of apology from the many wallies that insisted that COVID was a serious disease, that masks were essential and that vaccines save lives. In actual fact, it turns out that COVID is no worse than the flu, masks are harmful muzzles while vaccines ruin more lives than they save.

So, back to the call to action I mentioned earlier...

Given that I've been proven right about mandated jabs and the broader vaccine agenda, I would like to cordially invite all ye sloppy naysayers to send me notes of apology including customary gestures of regret in the form of gifts (or donations).

Hastily locate your chequebooks and form an orderly queue to redeem yourselves, ladies and gents. I accept all major credit cards as well as all major cryptocurrencies. And I would also appreciate stoic acceptance of me donning my gloating spurs to gloat with glee at my discretion whenever I so choose. I'm an aspirational maximalist and this is a great opportunity.

To really know that you've repented, the very best of you will use an "Indignation Jar" into which you'll deposit something small but meaningful whenever you catch yourselves fuming about how a freelance writer with zero medical training could understand and explain the alleged global medical emergency better than the ivory-tower authorities.

Unsurprisingly, within 10 minutes of posting the above on the social media platform LinkedIn, the following message appeared...

"In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
-- George Orwell