June 27, 2022

Sterilising Manky Femininity

Fixing broken women shouldn't be a man's responsibility.

With the Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision bucking pro-choice expectations and making waves worldwide, it's a great time to venture forth onto the Internet in search of proficiently-reprobate individuals with some loose screws in need of tightening.

On this occasion, I was embroiled in two skirmishes with a pair of dopey reprobate-minded toxic feminists that somehow came to believe killing unborn babies is an inalienable human right every woman must have.

Usually, reprobates tend to hold their tongues close, aware that their ignorance could expose their naivety at any time. They find it noble to have zany views based on government-approved whims and desires, but they will only share those views with other like-minded zombies who they're sure will validate their absurdities. They find strength in numbers, not substance.

However, during times of emotional distress or arousal, normies will accidentally expose their true selves publicly if their beliefs are shown to be vacuous and fallacious or their egos are bruised. Without realising their folly, such individuals will then ignore the message and lash out at the messenger by spewing some rather vulgar remarks.

Giving birth to hypocrisy

In this episode of Nonconformative Psychological Manoeuvres, two comment threads discussing abortion are presented containing several familiar themes, including hypocrisy, conformity and moral relativism.

A former colleague named Chantelle Johnson -- minimalistic, talentless and morally bankrupt as ever -- is exposed as an ignorant feminazi with a stubbornly sycophantic streak.

Pro-choice advocates, including a clandestine feminazi named Alyssa Gonzalez CastaƱeda, fume upon hearing that abortion is equivalent to murder and that America is rediscovering Christian moral values.

Grammar | The Verdict

Notice how both conversations quickly descend into personal attacks and toxic ad hominems as soon as an existing belief is challenged. Also, notice that both interactions include women adamant that men shouldn't have an opinion on abortion. To them, women should be enabled to do anything and everything they can imagine -- and if they can't, it must be men's fault.

In truth, if you were to advise those dippy feminazis to focus on kids because they have a womb -- they would instantly become emotionally aroused and begin to babble vociferously about mansplaining, misogyny and sexism. If you were to tell them to focus on breastfeeding because women lactate, they would argue that men can breastfeed with the aid of oestrogen injections, as well as point out that women must have an equal say on everything because that's what gender equality is all about.

Logic | Could the delusional hypocrisy get any worse?

Again demonstrating how hypocritical (and toxic) modern feminists are: first, they virtue signal for equal rights, ending all discrimination, bigotry and hatred; but as soon as something doesn't go their way (Roe v Wade) or a critical point is made that challenges their worldview, the feminist opens their trenchcoat to reveal their fuglies including advocating for unequal rights, sexism, discrimination, bigotry and hate on anyone and everyone that denies their delusions.

Irrespective of the eye-watering absurdity, the frequency of such interactions shows that entire swathes of people worldwide have been reduced to mere drones. Automatrons following the dictates of their superiors, including harbouring the insane idea of killing unborn babies because it eases responsibility and improves their lifestyle.

Moreover, some loony-tune abortion advocates insist killing unborn babies is a constitutional right! Maybe someone should inform them the right to abort babies was never included in the US Constitution or the Bill of Rights. It was a privilege mistakenly set forth in 1973 and now retracted in 2022 (after more than 50 million abortions, ~50% of which were by black women). 

Don't expect Black Lives Matter to be pro-life anytime soon though. Even though the organisation claims "black lives matter", its steadfast pro-choice position would suggest the lives of unborn black babies haven't mattered since at least 1973.

The same feminazi advocates also baulk at the legality of guns and support a nationwide gun ban which is an attempt to remove an actual constitutional right and is, therefore, anti-constitutional. With so much talk of "toxic masculinity", everyone's turning a blind eye to "toxic femininity", to be sure.

Rhetoric | Why are so many people such dastardly hypocrites regarding abortion?

It's because these dippy intelligence-challenged zombies are emotively focused on desired outcomes without ever considering their flawed logic or the fallacious justification for all their dopamine-saturated follies. 

They have never even heard of concepts such as non-man-made morality, epistemology, deontology, metaphysics, the Trivium, philosophy or Natural Law. They are clunky consumers who want to avoid thinking too deeply about anything. They don't want to strain themselves in anything they do - they just want to enjoy their hedonistic lives without any negativity or upsetting anyone. They just want to please everyone and fit in for the greater good. They don't want to be rude, and if they could always agree with everyone, they would. They want everyone to be able to have their own truth and for their truth to be validated by everyone.

Ultimately, they are soulless moral relativists of the lowest order and while they all seek to change the world, alas, not a single one of them wants to change themselves.