June 21, 2022

Unleash the Dogs of War

Autonomous conformity is the actual pandemic of the modern-day.

With COVID receding out of sight and out of mind in the rear-view mirror (and the Ukraine debacle creating yawn-inducing attention fatigue), the masses are starving.

Most of them are well fed with full stomachs, despite prices mushrooming around them. They seek not food, but they do seek sustenance.

Hungry for orders to follow; but with nothing particular being served up by their rulers and authoritative experts, the sleepy masses have reverted to an idle holding pattern of "orbital conformism": orbital in the sense that individuals drift towards something that is constantly moving and, therefore, they end up chasing something in circles without ever catching it. And conformism in the sense that many individuals are choosing to accept social norms that have appeared ever so slowly yet ever so suddenly, like dew in the morning.

Feeling proud

Pertinent examples could include the sudden obsession with observing "pride month" and the broader acceptance of non-binary interpretations of human biology. In some countries, men can claim to be women and expect to be granted entry to all women-only areas, including women's prisons, even if they've been convicted of a sex crime. If that doesn't deserve the chequered flag in the post-truth era race to the bottom, then nothing does.

Under the guise of victimhood, the trans agenda has induced millions of people to accept radical changes to age-old social norms. It all comes down to what is acceptable in society and who/what dictates morality, ethics and appropriateness. 

For many, whatever coagulates into a majority is what ought to be. For others, what ought to be is mind-independent and absolute -- not subjective -- so the shift toward trans acceptance looks like ash rather than rainbows.

Unleashing the dogs of war

As a worthy addition to the Nonconformative Psychological Manoeuvres series and what seemed like an episode of The Twilight Zone, I came a cropper on a trifecta of virtue-signalling corporates, all too ready to accept societal change in pursuit of diversity and the ability to "live and let live".

After a brief exchange, it was apparent that the dippy triumvirate I had stumbled upon lacked self-awareness and critical thinking skills of any sort (despite labelling themselves as captains). They were the living proof that worryingly large numbers of people are becoming completely absorbed with their societal soap operas where conformity is the default setting for all decisions. 

When mass approval becomes the lode star, conformity becomes the only reasonable means of defining moral acceptability, righteousness and "good" behaviour.


Collateral damage

With the gender agenda picking up steam at the polls, the future for female office workers, in particular, is looking rather grim.

As my tĂȘte-Ă -tĂȘte with the trio of reprobate corporates demonstrates, company managers worldwide are degenerating into absurdity catalysts. They would rather bend the knee to eyewateringly daft government dictates and political correctness rather than using reasonable common sense and stiffening their backbone if the need arose.

In top-down fashion, senior policy setters are so hopelessly hypocritical and delusional that their collegial underlings are already enduring toe-curling conformity, but by the sounds of what I heard from the three stooges, fresh all-time lows are imminent. 

Peer-pressured butt-sniffing, belly rubs, muzzles, legitimised sexual deviancies, forcibly unisexed cohabitation and celebratory self-harm are merely a few of the absurdities becoming normalised in today's post-truth era. 

And it's all because sycophantic decision-makers want to accommodate and normalise every diverse delusion being legitimised by absurd government policy, including nutters thinking they can change sex or become a dog.