March 22, 2020

For whom the bell tolls

Never say 'Yes' to anything you can't say 'No' to.


What on Earth is going on? Why is the majority of people cowering and accepting the imposition of completely unjustified tyrannical measures, currently being deployed in multiple countries around the world?

There are now "forced vaccinations" being legislated into law with the required resources being mobilised to vaccinate everyone even if people refuse.

It is a Human Right to refuse any liquid or substance into your own body -- regardless of whether that substance is good or bad for you. It is a complete outrage that forced vaccination is about to be rolled out to the public, with the coronavirus used as an ideal excuse to justify the violent imposition of government law. 

Almost no one is opposing this hostile violation of basic human rights and individual sovereignty.

If you really think about it...vaccinated people shouldn't be afraid of unvaccinated because if vaccines were effective, they would be protected, while unvaccinated people would be at their own risk.

Regardless of whether vaccines are effective, if someone doesn't want chemicals injected into them, then it's their right to refuse. I personally do not want to be injected with anything.

I have the right to refuse. And so do all of you as well.

This right is currently in the process of being expunged (via a proposed law called the Coronavirus Bill 2019-21 currently going through the UK Parliament) under the guise of the phantom coronavirus that's fear-mongered, misrepresented and used as a pretext to justify forced vaccination on a worldwide scale.

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And remember:


This means people didn't give you your rights, and by the same token, no one can take them away.
No one has the right to forcibly inject anyone else with a vaccine...regardless of the perceived consequences of not vaccinating.
Your God-given human rights are more important than collectivist thinking and the notion that doing something for "the greater good of society" somehow trumps individual freedom and sovereignty.

This is an illusion designed to create slavery and the worship of false authorities such as Government and Culture.

"Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed".

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