January 2, 2021

Collusion or coincidence?

The all-assuming tidal wave of vaccination acceptance has skipped a beat.

Here's a thought ladies and gentlemen...

Isn't it rather strange/interesting/curious/just coincidental that not a single TV channel, in a single country, is airing TV/radio chat shows and debates about vaccination preference?

Nowhere is there an "open debate" about the efficacy of vaccinations or their potential health impacts including thousands of "vaccine injuries" each year; nowhere are there analyses of how different political parties will stand on the subject, or polls being conducted.

There's just a huge wave of assumption (and presumed acceptance) that vaccinations are great and that everyone will be getting at least one. More than enough doses for entire populations are being ordered and paid for, shipped to their destinations and readied to be fired into people's arms via gigantic vaccinations centres. Stadiums are being repurposed to vaccinate millions, and yet, there has been no debate, no discussion, no questionability over who should be medicated and who shouldn't.

Even volunteers without medical experience are being fast-tracked to give potentially life-changing injections with people being injected with artificial chemicals in car parks repurposed into drive-thrus.

Medical treatments are supposed to be carefully considered, discussed with a doctor - aren't they?

Not in today's twilight zone where government fear-mongering is herding millions of people into accepting untested chemicals including God knows what kind of material to warrant -70C storage temperatures.

What does it all mean?

This insight highlights how much of a dystopia we actually live in, and how deep-rooted and ultimate the control over all media is by unseen forces lurking in the shadows. These skullduggerous forces then prop up stooge politicians and business (mis)leaders to push their garbage upon the masses.

In my view, this could be because the social engineers want people to quickly accept the COVID vaccine without ruminating too deeply and to prevent a dialectic from forming in the public consciousness.

With other issues like Brexit or political party preference, there is always a precise dialectic that rouses people's thoughts and emotions and sways them towards a particular view. Everyone dives into the detail, newspapers publish gory details with various publications tending to pick a political stance as part of their coverage. With vaccines, the social engineers seem hell-bent on avoiding public scrutiny of the vaccination agenda because it would push the vaccine hesitancy rate much higher from the current 30-40% to over 90%.

Therefore, the "debate", if it was held, would be crushingly bad for the pro-vax side given the critiques, and so you will not see mainstream TV/radio stations serving as impartial platforms and allowing a fair analysis.

The system is skewed towards pushing toxic chemicals upon the public and all the bombastic talk of democracy being the height of civilization, free-speech being a human right and mainstream media sources being impartial is just that: talk.

Written by George Tchetvertakov