December 21, 2020

Snipping the Thin Blue Line

If ignorance begets bliss, wisdom begets folly.

"The masses have never thirsted after truth. They turn aside from evidence that is not to their taste, preferring to deify error, if error seduces them. Whoever can supply them with illusions is always their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim."
― Gustave Le Bon
Sometimes, particular members of society require correction and a helping hand with their interpretation of life.

Of whom I speak and concerning which interpretations may shock some readers, but the truth is the truth and people's feelings are, unfortunately, circumstantial irrelevancies.

In an attempt to provide some much-needed correction while simultaneously demonstrating the difficulty in conveying the truth to the general public -- in this case, a former police officer -- I decided to venture onto social media. 

I set forth, in search of an individual that had gotten themselves stuck in a quagmire of negative health effects that seemingly arrived without cause or explanation; to strike down the individual, leaving them too contused and confused to even tell their tale.

In other words, someone who had racked up a ton of karmic debt but were slow to search for their chequebook.

Stumbling upon the gallantly culpable and intelligence-challenged Jo Slocombe, a former police officer from the Hampshire Constabulary in the UK, I provided a helping hand by informing her and the wider online community of a different perspective as to why her life had taken a turn for the worse.

It is said that the truth sets you free.

Freeze or I'll shoot

The former PC plod had gotten herself embroiled in law enforcement years ago. Green and gullible, Ms Slocombe signed up to enforcing what someone told her was "right" and was then deployed to infringe upon people's sovereign human rights, to issue speculative invoices and to intimidate people so they change their behaviour as desired by her superiors.

Thinking they are equivalent to saints by preventing and solving crime, police officers typically arrive after the crime has been committed to -- more often than not -- treat the victim as a criminal and fail to apprehend the offender.

Furthermore, thousands of people are caged for victimless crimes that do not violate anyone's freedom such as speaking out against government oppression, sharing counterculture information, drug cultivation/possession/distribution, tax evasion, jaywalking, using alternative monetary mechanisms, exposing government corruption, non-payment of debts, hate speech and crossing arbitrary borders without prior written authorisation (immigration).

It is worth remembering that victimless crimes do not exist. If there is no victim, there is no crime. But the government will have you believe otherwise, just like it did Ms Slocombe.

Meanwhile, government overlords have legalised actual violations of Natural Law and immoral behaviour such as murder (abortion and war), mutilation (circumcision and animal testing), theft (taxation and opaque courts), slavery (imprisonment and financial debt) and coercion enforced via the military and police.

Importantly, police officers prevent people from defending themselves by treating them like criminals if they do. By banning self-defence, governments the world over have established a monopoly on force and set the stage for widespread abuse. Consequently, most people are afraid to protect themselves while law enforcement officials are too incompetent to do it for them. 

The final outcome is a defacto vacuum of personal security and fertile ground for abuse and violence to breed. 

Moreover, police officers are the people who actuate the system of arbitrary rules created by corrupt government officials. They are the enforcers of gang rule. Although they may think they are helping the community by protecting and serving, they are, in fact, sustaining a de facto system of oppression and abuse via a monopoly on force

The bad news is that dopey order-following wrongdoers do exist and they are revered despite their folly. The good news is that reality is governed by Natural Law created by Divinity including a majestic force colloquially described as "Karma": a dynamic phenomenon that transforms chaos into equilibrium.

Here is what happened when I posted an alternative assessment of Ms Slocombe's misadventures:

Pulling the trigger

The stream of reprobate-minded responses to my comment indicates that most people aren't interested in evaluating objective morality or considering the possibility that their actions may have been immoral. Dozens of triggerings also suggest the general public is far more interested in fitting in than they are questioning their flimsy beliefs.

Instead of questioning their actions, most people prefer to consider themselves noble contributors to society who deserve veneration despite the tsunami of negative karmic consequences turning their life upside down. Their love of thought, emotion and words has made them forgetful of how much more important actions are.

Without understanding objective morality, many police officers like the baulking Ms Slocombe 
(not to mention other like-minded reprobates such as soldiers, intelligence agents, abattoir operators and hunters) tend to go around in circles wondering why they consistently stumble into pitfalls and bad luck.

It is because they're all violating the most inherent Law of Nature as far as human beings are concerned: Do no physical harm to other innocent organic sentient living beings. This includes coercion, threats of violence and forcing people to do things just because the government said so. 

"I was just following orders", is not a valid excuse. Karmic consequence follows.

Most people disagree that such a Natural Law even exists; they think moral laws are set by people who can enforce ethical standards through man-made laws. Ms Slocombe is one such reprobate, also known as a "moral relativist", and she genuinely believes that she was helping people by enforcing a set of arbitrary laws mandated by a group of people she has never met.

In actual fact, she was actively enforcing systematic abuse and coercion under the dictate of a government she cannot refuse or disobey. She was working for an organisation purposefully created to threaten, coerce and abuse millions of people, but because entire populations have been so grossly misinformed and miseducated, they believe police officers exist to serve them and the greater good.

In reality, they are the sheepdogs who patrol the herd to ensure it follows the shepherd's directions. To make sure there are no strays from the dictums of their superiors. The shepherd executes the farmer's directions while the farmer follows the directions of the landowner. The whole thing is a hierarchy of feudalistic slavery and it occurs today under the guise of parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy.

As broken clocks are right once in a while, so too is the discombobulated Ms Slocombe right about one thing: "ignorance is bliss". Until karma commences her work, of course.

Begrudgingly, she's reaping what she sowed and she'll grow to like it, to be sure.