11 February 2015

Introducing the B-Book Liquidity Interceptor & New Deposit device (BLIND®)

ForexCT is proud to announce its most effective trading tool to date -
Introducing 'The ‘B-Book Liquidity Interceptor & New Deposit' device (BLIND®).

​Working at the forefront of trading platform development and utilising experience in slot machines, including award-winning work with One Armed Bandits, Pokies and Craps, ForexCT developers are leaping into new frontiers opened up by modern technology.

The BLIND® system is a full virtual reality solution mounted on your face giving its wielder the capability to burn through trading capital in an orderly fashion determined by ForexCT and its partners as if it’s all a game. Built-in ‘Deposit Utility Monthly Bonus’ technology (DUMB®) (subscription required) often works behind the scenes (during office hours only). 

The most prominent feature of the BLIND® device is its ability to show the trader a different version of reality on demand therefore facilitating a wide range of capital extraction strategies as clients wallow in the dark. 

The BLIND® device maximises revenue, eliminates all cost and risk to ForexCT and provides total control over trading activity. The device is so effective surveyed users were demanding written confirmation that their trading accounts would never see a winning trade again after using the device for just a few days. 

Clients eager to get their hands on the shiny BLIND® device needn't worry about shortages on the shelves. ForexCT promises to neutralise such shortages for any client that opens an account and makes a deposit.
With the brand new BLIND® system in stores nationwide, future firmware updates will enhance the resolution with which clients see less, deposit more and trade with confidence nevertheless.

Go BLIND® and DUMB® today to Trade with Confidence