December 11, 2017

The Opera in Disguise

Looking is easy, seeing can hurt.

Singing and dancing
Here they come
Here they are, ready for action
Moving in circles
Born for each other
Conjoined in progression
Stoic in progress
Tethered together, in sound and in view
In congress, now and for ever;
Always progression
Spiralling change, it cannot know any other
The story unfolds
Ten characters strong
Serving Life and no other
With You at the centre
All now around you
From above to below, power does reign
From below to above, is the basis for growth
And the reason for change.

The Father of Will and the Mother come first
A Messenger close, close-by to be heard
Love nor money can stand in the way
Warlike passions gifted and readied
Responsibility raised, responses awaited
A world full of plenty, a Universe of one voice
Abundance assured with Creation
Rights and wrongs with choices to make
Restrictions and limits
Always there as a guide but never the measure
Deceptions made easy, real eyes refrained.

What is real? And what is perception?
Superficial or deeper
Of Spirit and matter
One cannot be, without other
Thus it is said,
Trees bound for Heaven 
Retain roots bound in Hell
Free Will at your mercy, 
With just causes sighted
Effects at your peril
Using both sides soothes equilibrium
Fluency soon finds the right port.

Surrounded by dancers
Tempted and guided
As our siblings above us
Holding sway absolutely
In tune with the music
Chords discovered and heartfelt
Compelled by right action
How receptive the hearing, how introspective the sight
Looking up seeing luminous wonder
Thoughts, emotions and actions in balance
In trine with completion right action now sought.

Stake now pledged
Here on Earth bearing Truth
For Truth, not deception
For Freedom, not vice
There is only us
To serve Life and no other
In God I do trust
A choice for each one
And one for us all
To Live or to Die
Each one acts like one wants, and
Each one does as one must.

Written by George Tchetvertakov