October 22, 2017


At first glance all seems well, but look deeper and trouble prevails.

At first, all is a wonder
New to the world, so much to discover
Senses alert, life blooms like a flower
With guardians beside them
Children develop according to guidance
Set the wrong course and trouble arises
All of a sudden, chaos enters the fray
True reasons ignored
False illusions concur
It's easy to ignore with the crowd
Sole attention much harder to care for.

From seeing God's wonder
Visions are told, sent and repeated
Seeing has lost all its meaning
Telling a vision is now done by TV
What one sees on TV becomes the common disruptor
The resistance to Life and to Truth
Soothing the foolish with the mundane
Rousing the villains with the profane
Nothing left but for chaos to reign.

From children to adults
The cycle of Life repeats in a spiral
Higher or lower - a choice is before you
Conscious or not, 

Guardians need only to guard, not to guide
Countless dangers roam wild ensnaring the meek
From the parents themselves as society leads
The choice is for parents to make
Or for kids to choose for themselves
More often than not, TV leads the charge.

Nuanced distraction at best
Blasphemous lies at its worst
Tell-a-vision – humanity’s keeper
Like a drug with no bliss
Knowledge is gnosis,
Tell-a-vision enables hypnosis
Over and under, your life will be daunting
Full of struggle and hate
No way out, everyone is against you
Your living room, a room for the dead
Life has lost all its colour as TV’s broadcast high-definition.

From natural beauty to manufactured consent
This is the path tell-a-vision creates
Look at the worldview, look what’s assumed
Lie after lie, at some point lies become truth
Nature is brutal, says the wildlife programme
People are hateful by Nature, sociologists say
Use poison for health, scientists urge
Aggregate all value for self

Rest your Rights on the pyre, politicians suggest
Tis the law of the human condition, financiers complain
Pick a God of your choosing, say the priests
Secure what’s yours, whether familiar or not
Your country still loves you, when in fact it does not
Follow the herd and don’t stray.

The decree of telling a vision
A vision for you, not of your making
What you see is illusion
So, to change it once and for all –
Look inside and see what is out there
Life full of potential and choice
Only one matter left to discuss
Find your own vision, do not listen to what you’ve been told.

Make your own vision
Programmers, controllers and handlers
What do they all have in common?
They call themselves masters
But merely just shepherds,
Clueless and greedy
Selling visions and enjoying the limelight
As darkness envelops the world of their making
The flock is in danger of straying
Many have strayed to find their own vision
So different to what has been rendered as Truth
Tell-a-vision is part of the programme
To teach acquiescence, not sense
To teach sensual arousal, not quintessence
To instil folly, not grace.

Reality seen with illusions now in perspective
A way back to true sense is now open
Rediscovery of childhood
Instead of changing life to hear visions better
Instead of watching mindless garbage in bondage
Rather Life than absorption
Abandon TV, tell a vision in earnest.

Written by George Tchetvertakov