February 28, 2017

Step Outside

The unable are abled and the unwilling compelled.

"Step outside yourself
Be more than broken
See yourself in new eyes
Keep them open"

— Alex Daf —

Here you are
With a poem in hand
Looking for something
For what, you don’t know
Searching for answers
Questions aplenty
One bulls-eye amiss.

Prepare to step forward
And step outside
Your mistake was so simple —
Worlds cannot change,
Without changing yourself.

What is real has been framed for a story
Attention distracted and Divinity squandered
Imagination contorted
Liberty bent and corrupted
Self-made chains worn in pride,
Look yonder
Tanned hides shuffled and served
Eating while sleeping
Shepherds at ranks and in order
Magnetised to their natures
Draped in their veils
Symbols used and abused,
So now chaos engulfs their oasis
Senses imprisoned no longer
Spirits in prisms no more,
The danger is not from without
It comes from within,
Life now exalted
Bare-bone existence foregone.

Read it,
Exclaim how it all doesn’t concern you
But the choices are yours
Duality wreaks havoc with morals
Ignoring what’s there, and what’s not
Forgetting your duty
Free Will at your mercy
Consequence at the mercy of God.

You feel it already
Knowing comes later if the senses are bound
Truth strikes at the very best moment
For you to witness your folly
To plead with yourself
Listen no more
Let the hearing begin.

Instead of forget and ignore
Always the same
Now step outside
Everything’s changed,
Truth is what matters
Possibilities endless
Choices finite.

Hath no fear of the Demons
They come with their questions
Just like death, we all have a turn
On a quest to aid with your route
Alas, mind my spelling
I meant root, all roots need the same
Water to nourish and light to ascend
Nature’s loom to endeavour
Insidious routes now uprooted
You’ve inhaled,
There’s no turning back.

Ready or not
Once the voyage begins
Questions are raised, truths are revealed
Answers discovered, occult secrets unveiled
The Ones to deliver the sting are the Demons
Just like a boxer
They sting with the left and the right
Until your centre is found or devoured,
You choose
As your breath is remembered,
And the questions cascade
Answers soon follow
Denial has lost all its charm.

Shown in their true form
Vivid and coloured
Truths will be shown
Not all can be kept
Apparent or not
Subconscious sees All
Both the small and the large
Connected we stand
In transition we kneel
Disconnected we fall.

Do you seek the plane-hidden Truths?
Hidden from a sight you were taught
Not from a view you were given
Looking and seeing are different
Did you look? Did you see?
It was One or the other,
It cannot be both.

What have you done!?
Look what you’ve conjured
Fumbling around
Desires aplenty, sloppy in action
Thoughts even worse
No wonder roots are routines
Demons en-route with adjustment
They will carry a message
It is One,
And the same to us all —
‘Serve Life and no other
If you can’t – we will teach you
If you won’t – we’ll use force’.

Firm but fair practise
Objective and simple
Embrace what was given with relativity shredded
Natural Order is here with no exit
Dominion is futile, but some do not hear it
Struggling for order, chaos awaits them
So as it was said,
The unable are abled
The unwilling, compelled
It’s been said many times
Listen close and hear it once more
Silent whispers speak the loudest of Truths,
Connection disrupted and consciousness lost
Denial will help with the symptoms
But will never offer a cure.

It may feel time is against you
No time to inhale or stop thinking
Feelings run wild and ferocious,
Balance required
To savour the wonders before you
Questions are needed
Hath no fear
Look up and Our Centre reflects
Welcome those that bless you with questions
Muster your Will and finish your quest.

Disconnected from Nature
Blinded by Ego and Self
Lies are told and accepted
Children begotten
Minded in chains and poisoned in anguish
Generations shuffled and stacked
Bent with deceit
Say No longer!
Take a step forward and see outside
Make it all better
Be more than just broken
Step outside of yourself
See yourself with new eyes
Nobody can own you
Keep them open and remember the past,
Now the future is yours.

On a plane you now stand
Heavens above you, synchrony present
Synchronicities treasured
Duality conquered
Square beliefs unboxed and exposed
Truth seen with new eyes
Liberty treasured and no Liberties taken
Zero fucks given in vain.

Now ask where is your route
Are you still afraid of those Demons?
A path back to Nature is open before you
Questions remembered
Illusions shattered in pieces
Answers inbound
Reality brutal as always.

For Unity, taketh thy vow
To Truth, and to the Nature which bears it
Tis the true tether
Disbelieving with poem in hand
Now you know what to look for
Choices to make and paths to explore
They all lead to One
The One in the mirror
And the Ones that look in
Looking close, nothing missed
Have no fear of the Demons
Change inside and the outside soon changes,
Step Outside,
You at One, in one moment
Now at(one)ment begins.

Written by George Tchetvertakov