February 11, 2017

Existential Potential

Where is the boundary between acceptable and unacceptable?
The answer is You.

It All happens in situ
Every second moment in minutes
No room to stand still now
Directly above
You’re in the front row
Higher Self on the gantry
Extremes on the left
Nothing left but your Rights,
All the crumbs needed 
Are there to be followed
Leaders abstain
Mis-leaders take the game over
Followers blossom instead.

What is real is only a dream manufactured
Nightmares flourish like Natural
All for the good
Alas, mental states deny progress
Changes are feared
Nothing keeps changing
Remember remember, the day it all changed.

Since when have you held your current perplexion?
When objectivity swooned past your temple
Lost your way with targets in hand
Where could it lead but trouble in earnest
Oh no! It has happened,
Exactly that which you feared
Your gaze locked onto where you feared going
You always go where you look.

Fear grips and holds on
Ensnaring your focus
Dread delivered with interest
It was supposed to happen this way
There was no other option
Alternate paths, there were many
But only one could be chosen 
The rules are the rules
Bed made, now the lying begins.

The excuses cascade 
And how biblically so
How, I don’t know
It wasn’t my fault
It was something I couldn’t foresee
Accidents don’t just happen
They are all set before us
Inevitability spared
God looks for those
Who look after themselves.

Notice to whom egos screech
When progress is halted
Littered seeds birthing their payload
Burrowed into the Earth
Taking root, germinating at Will
Creeping over and under
Bursting forth with a great purpose
Harvesting truth
Assimilating all darkness with Care.

Thoughts become motions
Feelings manifest into actions
As the dust starts to settle
Egos screech for expansion
As the people beg for salvation
Either Jesus
Their Mothers
God’s there of course
Hope lingers longest
Salvation always seems out of reach.

Help needed most
Only when trouble arrives
Circumstances always conspire
Teaching lessons
Providing nutrition not for the body
But to remind.

In our geo-metric contusion
A world upside down
Singularity folded
Seed stripped away from its vine
Duality fitted
How it all fits 
Doesn't concern those who just want to enjoy.

Pleasure and leisure rewarded
What for some comes via struggle
For others is delivered at birth 
Self-made and eternal
Life was a pleasure
But regardless of fortune or ethics
In joy last long, they cannot.

Is joy all that matters?
No one admits it
Most seem to crave it 
And chase it they shall,
Or maybe it’s health which most matters
Money can’t buy it
And yet it comes free of charge.

Or could it All be much simpler
So simple it’s crazy
With the Ego at peace
Ask just one question
Ask it of no one 
Apart from your Self
Here it is all in situ
The one question from which all answers do flow
After that every shade changes
Now life is a fresco
Nothing is ever the same.

The most simplest of questions
The key to the temple
Most ask it at as children
Never doubting the answer
But now it’s time to remember
Care-fuelled emotions no longer asunder
Think again and feel different
Breathe deeply and a
‘Am I a free Living Being, or am I a slave?’
Breathe out lightly with care
Rubicon crossed, now freedom awaits.
Do not balk at the answer that follows
If The Divine is inspired
Divinity wakens
There is still time for change
Or just progress
The answer you heard has potential
All in one instant
You in one moment
Then momentum begins.

True answers are rooted in Action
Be neither master nor slave
You can only help others
After helping your Self.

So many words are now out there
Answers still lacking
People waiting for clocks
For miracles to slay the peril they’ve conjured
As we lie dismembered, disconnected and fractured
Our Authors sow seeds 
To enslave the next generation
Generating dominion over the rabble
Excuses cascade and ignorance beckons
Everything spirals in line with its fate.

But now it’s all different
Real eyes acquired
True path paved with Spirit
An end is in sight
Fops removed from their perches
Here comes beginning
Every moment in minutes
Attention reset
Shedding superficial layers at Will
From orders to choice,
The transition continues.

Written by George Tchetvertakov