September 29, 2016

Mustering The Will Beneath

Look within, see without.

It is all in the words
Pay attention
Muster your Will
See there’s two you’s 
A double-you
And then the word ill.
You may see words as w-ords
Sounds almost like orders
A ritualistic code dualistic by Nature
Words t-weaked
Language warped
Thoughts transfixed
Emotions ensnared
As the veil descends evil awaits.
All it takes is a chink of the language
For words to start sleeping
Subconsciously added and mired
So easy to snore and ignore
To be sure, morals forgotten
From duty to leisure to pleasure
And you never think t-whyce.
The finest pleasure for many
Coveting admiring eyes
Feeding hollow graphics and Self
Paying attention where it’s not due
Bloated egos deflated
Going unnoticed
For many that’s Hell.
Beware of wandering advice
And now it changes
Be-aware of add-vice
Adding vice is a choice 
You can make it.
Feel free
But whoever b-lessens surplus vice upon others
May not be the kindest of men
And yet
All souls are the kindest.
When advice is needed most
It means troubling times
A time for walking not running
Taking vices away
Adding not.
Next time someone blesses vice upon thee s-hip
Add justice in its stead
A rider high upon a crest
Wave you’re here but they’re internal
Just a quirk upon the fabric
A glitch within the matrix 
A World sculpted by ill men of high renown
One day re-stored upon its zenith
Not without Rules 
But without rulers.
Replaced refigured reshuffled
Revolving in situe
Cultured and grown
In truth far from civil
For so many y-ears
Everything made manufactured
People owned and re-sold
Animals tortured in anguish
Dated antiques and his-story
Captured and hijacked
Paths paved and provided
Races in bondage
Nations divided
Peoples misled and re-warded
United in fear
Misleading themselves 
For each other for glory
You pick a story.
For every dark path 
An exit must be
An absence cannot linger for ever
Darkness is the absence of light
For every dark brother this world conjures
A Light one is born 
Who cannot be forged
Those h-armed by orders and vices
Are met with resistance
Those that do harm left right and self-c-enter
Are cruelly destroyed and deflated 
By the very Nature that birthed them
There are no exceptions.
Ask yourself
Is it Jus that you y-earn for?
Or is it Fas that you seek?
From one comes Justice
The other corrupted
Listened not heard
Principia not lost but forgotten
Look it up
Dive down deep
Have care how you enter
As soon as you think it
You feel it
Just a blink of o-ur eye
From w-here, 
You are here
The double-you gone
Did you see w-him?
Who’s left?
There are dark ones
Who harm
And light ones who heal
A balance to find and to capture
The macro, the micro
The cosmos
True freedom on all levels and scales
But still for every dark brother this world conjures
A Light one is born 
Who cannot be forged
So remember.
In this world of Your making
Notice Y as a letter
Or why as a word
Matters not
Before Our it is placed
Muster your Will
You may see that
Each time you peak by s-peaking that word
You are questioning Us and what’s Ours.
Say it out loud if you must
Speak with your Self 
Say that spellings are spells
One and the same
Mental constructs inprismed
Hear it out
If you do
Now you’re sane.
Heart is what is truly for-bidden
In this construct we k-now
By the bidding of knowledge
Tweaking their cons and their constructs
It is knowledge they seek
But be careful of words
They can fluster devour mislead and create disbelief
Right in front of your nose
Did you look?
Did you see?
I thought not, go back
Attention not paid
So repeat.
Truth seekers welcome
Conscience avowed
Those under gnosis
Prognosis is heavy
Without light, perish ye shall
Believe means be-live
Be Life
And notice the If
But if you f-lip it with voices and choices
Use emotion for reason
It all turns to Ego
An I creeps in under the radar
There’s a lie in there somewhere.
And all of a sudden
Be Life turns to Be Lie
Everything else fades
The chase for possession begins
Matters not.
Pay attention,
See words in their sections
Disect them to bits
Don’t just lie and believe
Don’t just lie and con-sider it just
Pass that J
And there’s just Us
Back to Justice everything sweeps
Sweeping up sinners
Weeping with sins.
So many seek truth now
Finding some answers
No matter which question is pondered
Using knowledge to start
With understanding to follow
The show goes on regardless
With or without you
The Director screams Action!
Some do not listen
Some do not know what they hear
Some know nothing
And some find contentment in cons
For some nothing is ever enough
Some don't care and some never did
Salving wounds with false hope
Hope is the kindest nurse one can have
Didn't you know?
It is always the same,
Knowledge comes first
Only then something can stand
Once aligned order is near
Know your Right
The Actions,
The Doing
Trinity rescued
Trifecta complete.
But they’ve called it a false name
Something else
Far from completion
An act in a play with lots of distractions
Or just Actors acting away
In their own little act of creation
In a dream for themselves of their own making
Just their own
No such thing as anyone else
Relativism fills in
Takes away
Pierces the strongest of wills.
So as it’s said at the start
It’s all in the words
Pay attention
Center is enter
Entrance is trance
To relate to the Upper
As well as the Inner
And no matter what happens
Will always pre-veils.

Written by George Tchetvertakov