May 14, 2021

It Only Matters What's True

Serve Life and no other.

What is true and what is false?
When does it matter and when does it not?
Let me look so I can see
Is it comfort that matters, or is it the truth?
Choose I comfort;
Gain I will little, much will I lose
Life now seems easy, but time is what's lost
Choose I truth;
All is lost and much is now known
A struggle will beckon, but the soul is preserved.

I choose to oppose, to dispute the delusion
I choose to refuse the prescription, the guided worldview
What is taught is a lie
So be it! If those all around me care not
There is Life and no other
The straight narrow path
Lonely at best, elusive at worst
The pains of staying the course
The limbs of the fallen, strewn far and wide
What is false does not matter
It only matters what's true.

When deciding between comfort and truth
Beware the reward and the price
Who you are doesn't matter
Where, when and how are just side plots
What you may think is merely by-product
What you believe are mere dreams
What is Nature, cares not for you
It only matters what's true.

You are never alone
In the true sense of the word
You are never distant from home
As close as your compass allows
You are never astray
Let them say what they'll say
Let them do what they'll do
It only matters what's true.

Written by George Tchetvertakov