July 15, 2020

Moral Relativist Massacre

As droves of individuals lose sight of inherent 'rights' and 'wrongs', society is in a moral crisis.

"The cynics are right nine times out of ten." -- H. L. Mencken

With moral relativism infesting the world like a common cold, it was time to set forth into the theatre of war to inflict collateral damage upon some unsuspecting hollow-templed and empty-hearted moral relativists.

On this particular occasion, a pack of cavorting moral relativists was sighted on a popular social media platform called LinkedIn as pack members fawned and profusely congratulated a fellow ground-gazer with glee -- before being summarily put to the sword (despite a hasty dogpile and a pejorative-ridden cavalry charge).

Dissecting the moral relativist mind

By reading through the entirety of the correspondence, you will witness a rather ghastly tendency of modern times: whenever an unpopular (yet valid) opinion is voiced in public, it is met with a raging mob that refuses to address the topic but will persist in attacking someone's appearance, character, livelihood and personality, instead. 

Such events underline that millions (if not billions) of people are hyperfocused on which in-group they're part of -- to then attack anyone and everyone that doesn't want to join in their circle-jerk revelry.

Regardless of someone's stance on the military or whether they support military service, sharing views and ideas is essential for things like transparency, accountability and justice to be meaningful. 

Alas, such simple logic is lost on the profane and reprobate mind.

Bombs away

Upon seeing a US war veteran with an illustrious 24 years of service under his belt, a curious thought sprang to mind: 

Isn't it rather hypocritical to be celebrating the warring conquests of the US military with all its renowned imperialistic pomp and colonialist tendencies? Moreover, isn't it the case that all military servicemen are blind order-followers with no capacity or ability to refuse an order, even if it's immoral?

To me at least, the answer to both questions was a sturdy "yes".
If so, a 24-year veteran would be the last person anyone should want to congratulate.
In the eyes of a moral relativist, however, it's a rather different matter. 







Witness a real-time view of the battlefield through the original LinkedIn post.