September 24, 2018

My Story

Fate always beckons and Destiny calls, we each have a story that needs to be told.

A story of many
Unified into One
For me to see through not without
Assisted by Nature not nurture
Ensured by love and devotion
Serve Life and no other
This is the motto
Arising from a union of mother and father
Living in line with balance and order
Balance gifted, granted, delivered yet lost
Equilibrium now sought and reformed.

All things are connected
Everything matters
On all levels and scales
Look up and see wonder
Wandering, learning, walking amongst them
Sun and Moon of my life
Serving and guarding
Roles accepted with love and with care
Love is a state, not a verb
Regardless of place or devotion
What was taught does not matter
Matter is form, just an illusion of substance
All matter must change, transformation is destined.

Form transitions from one state to another
Energy shared and transformed
Whereas Spirit is timeless
With matter, the concept of time is essential
Time guarantees all things occur at the best moment
You think it then feel it
Action aplenty
Time ensures everything doesn’t happen at once
Blink and you'll miss it.

Move from straight lines to curves
And everything changes
Time as a concept becomes nonsense
Things aren’t needed, only Spirit bears value
Unity granted and division abandoned.

Without form all becomes One
Life, death, rebirth, they all become moot
Without form, knowledge is remembered not learnt
Understanding is felt not pursued,
Thoughts are channelled, not made
Emotions are felt and not buried
Actions are given, not taken
Intrinsic value discovered
In pursuit of true substance
Living with grace
In God I do trust
Human condition forsaken, and,
Human Nature asserted
In essence, this is my story
Now's the time to tell your own sacred version
A story of one amid many
Many stories unified into One.

Written by George Tchetvertakov