June 17, 2017

Spontaneous Compunction

From letters & numbers to words & equations, your very own sentence is waiting...

So it begins
A time to behold
A time for wonder and good
Absolute truth and relativity gone
Untold stories now told
Simple truths shown once more.

Locked by clocks
Opened with pens
Righted in write
Right actions chosen
Not obeyed under threat
Clocks exposed for the locks that they are
Thoughts feelings and actions united
Duality unified into one.

Easy to say
Still harder to do
Beginning is tough
Trying still harder
The achievement is progress
World going one way
People another
Dearly departed
Difficult times are upon us
Look how you've floundered
Broken and mindless
Devoted to image
Smitten with pride
Rocked by illusion
Perception most conscious
Reality scorned
Power miss taken
Even basics forgotten.

What is right, what is wrong
Blurred in oblivion
All just opinion
Waiting and wanting
For the world to see change
Changing your mind is required
The focus is You
Your stage is now set.

Like begets like
The law of attraction
Cause then effect
Need and then purpose
All in your hands
Lie sensed since birth
Your license is issued
Per-mission now granted
Target acquired
Pro seed or devour.

Not always, was it like this
This quest for salvation
As the ages keep turning
Civil nations arising
Civilisation declining
Falling and falling
A race to the bottom
An end is in sight
Falling is painless
It's the landing that hurts.

In a time thought as golden
Ignorance waned
Knowledge was treasured
Wisdom reigned
Free Will was in power
People belonged to the land
Not the land to the people
The Earth and its tenders united
Owners and Masters redundant.

Look now what happened
Everything’s’ changed
Worlds upside down
Mothers and Fathers forgotten
Living death
Poisoned health
Real as synthetic
Spirit made non-sense
Truth turns to lies
Left only with folly
No wonder
Women give and forgive
Men get and forget.

Let's begin
Start again
Fresh leaf
Open book
Chapter next —

Human Nature is not the human condition
Conditioned we are, nurtured we’re not
One is none, none is one
Starting with numbers
There are only nine
Not one more, not one less
All the others come from the eight
Infinity righted, not on its side
Zeroes and nines added later
Multiplied then divided
Divinity lost.

Now to the letters,
You write them each day
Using only five vowels
Five fingers, five senses, five elements bound
There's an I and a You,
Vowels become vows
Quintessence veiled and re-framed.

Even letters make words
Through the language you speak
Can U C? Can U B?
Will you ask Y? 
Remember your vows and your constants
Actions show facts
Dreams, what you intend
From letters to words reamed with emotion
Your sentence is made.

So easy to fool and be fooled
So easy to play and to stray
Look away in dismay, back again
Children and adults alike
Little girls playing with dolls
Men and women lusting for idols
Boys and men on the dole
Dolls made up in paint and stilettos
Idols doling out bullets
Worshipped with glee, bounded by ritual
Boys to men, they march with one voice,
For country…
For duty…
For safety…
For peace and for glory
And always for pride.

War is upon us
A battle for hearts using minds
Sentences made from letters and words
Chains can be broken
Information is both the tool and the loot
To be taught like a bow
Spread, not suppressed
Shared, not collected
Tuned and not muted
Danger comes not out of Truth
It’s from lies it springs most,
Truth made illegal
Makes outlaws of us all
Lies pose danger
Truth liberates.

To the end it all comes
Same old questions remain
Balance made easy
How to bear any thing, any time, any where
Load now lightened
Text loses meaning so easy
Pictures only confuse
Emotions entangle
From thoughts meaning stems
Only action creates.

From letters & numbers
To words & equations
Be the change that’s desired
Uniform snow
Unique as a snowflake
Self and All now in balance
Life instead of survival
Peace not war
To create and to prosper
So, remember your vows and your constants
From letters & numbers
To words & equations
Your very own sentence is waiting...

Written by George Tchetvertakov