May 6, 2017

Perpetual Perspective

If asked, 'By what authority are you licensed?' — reply that you are, 'Empowered by your lie-sensing ability'.

You look at the World
The World simply stays still
You look away and action begins
Life goes on, then repeats
You look at the Self
Self-haphazard emotion
Selfish Self looking back
Offering guidance
Where else to look but within.

All the answers you seek are all ways internal
A literal truth much too often ignored
Look what happens when vigilance wanes
Vigilantes are scorned
Criminals judged with no crimes committed
Sins and virtues are not the government's ports.

Idiots singing
Sinking today and syncing in sorrow
No thought of tomorrow
Idiosyncratic in habit
Look at the lunacies inhibiting one and inhabiting all:
Alternative facts
Lawful war
License to kill
A murder made just;
If you think these are truths
If you stand-by and bear witness
If you see but say nothing
If you consider your plot as the world
If your ego is addicted to pride
If you dispute the Objective
You’re lost.

This ledger isn't for reaping or cheating
Immune from inflation, depression self-caused
This ledger doesn't condone sleeping
Once awake there's no turning back
This ledger accounts only for actions
What have you done, not what you thought
What you felt was the cue
Intuition ignored at your peril
Someday far in advance
This ledge where you're camping
It will vanish and another must be found
Salvation is near
Struck down upon thee
True or false, truth or dare
This is the game you will play.

Relative truths borne through acceptance
Wrapped up in theories
Warped with distractions
Supposed heights of civilisation
Unjust slavery by nations
Will you now learn the true tæther?
Will you cleanse by adjusting your lenses?
Will you calibrate, liberate and set free through adjustment?
His story is history
My story is mystery, mine to myself
Tethered through æther
Is life a game or an aim?
Route or routine?
Duty or Self?
There is no escape.

A blink of an eye
Synthesis conjured
From a truth to a lie
Lying down
Fighting not;
To turn the tide in this matter
Sensing lies is important
To sense lies you will need a lie-sense
Issued by virtue
To match Nature’s tempo
The right tense must be found
And quintessence discovered.

No fear moving forth
A sense of intention is needed
Tension required
In-tense is how Life manifests
The correct tense to correct our problems
To remain in the present
In the moment, intense regardless of pleasure or pain,
But intense is a ghastly misnomer 
For zombies united in grief
Missing their purpose
Careering through life
Careers are important, they claim
Listing to the left, then the right
To-do lists are essential, they cry
Bending over in blindness
Turning cheeks in ascension, they scream in dis-pair
Time to re-pair, time to come in from the cold.

How much more Will it take
For the truths to be witnessed
The sublime moving back-to-front in the mind
Subliminal focus
True magick, hocus-pocus it ain’t
Churches are different
Words are words
Church is cerce and cerce is kirk
Look how occultists do their great work.

So many churches
For all nations and creeds
All colours and cultures
Take your pick, switch from one to another
Slave-think is the only mode you will keep.

Visit church to worship your idols
Praying for this or for that
Mostly personal gain
Never truth, never for comfort-zones to be blitzed
This is where learning and earning and blessings occur
It's how anointed saints with ascension are made
By the way.

An institution on a voyage to conquer
Enterprise full of deception
Manipulating the lazy
Binding their minds to gross nonsense
Bodies disgraced
Souls mutilated with hate
Hearts sent to the grave.

So come on now, brothers and sisters
Resist the urge to defy your effervescent existence
What’s right in front 
Has been here all this time
Do you doubt your ensnarement?
Merely a snare for the Ego
It needn’t be so.

It’s all in the charts 
The birthplace, the past and the present
Just like tides with fluent effect
In fluency always
Influence weighing upon thee 
Setting a stage with a confluence of factors
The actor is you and the future will guide you,
Co-creating at Will 
So many maybe’s, the no’s and the don’ts
The regrets and the false hopes
The questions, the lessons, the answers now learnt
The Natal, The Nature, The Spirit, The Self
The source of the root
The connection betwixt
The upper, the lower
Unifying Above and Below...
Now it’s your turn.

Written by George Tchetvertakov