March 16, 2001

Years Ago

Time is the longest distance between two places.

It feels like a million years
Since I felt such apprehension
If I had a penny for my thoughts
I'd have no need for more
I'd have investors camping
Outside my home
Camouflaged against my kitchen floor
Some tell me that there's room for change
Same old same old
I'm convinced things will stay the same
I'm like a stranger
In the eye of a storm
Controlling the chaos
Changing evil to destructive form
My heart is frozen
But the air is warm
Sharper than the devil's thorn
My motto is don't confide in luck
Its easier to ask the reaper
Whether you'll live tomorrow
I pain inside for being like I am
Dreaming that I had no dreams
Instead, I'd float along
A holy stream
Screaming that I had no choice
I scream so loud I lose my voice
Like a needle in a forest
I can't be found
All hope abandoned
And no need for sound
I walk towards the shining light
Doorway of solitude
With no end in sight
There's only one way out now
But no one's home
When I call nobody bothers to respond
So I leave messages only for myself to answer
A silent, deaf, dumbfound disaster
And now I wish that I had stayed
On those warm, sunny, loving days
Instead of lose my life away.

Written by George Tchetvertakov